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Need performance tuning for data sources for analysis application (Design studio) scenario?

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Hi Everyone,

I have simplest scenario which is having more data sources.

Requirement : To display Country, State, Region, City wise data in 4 different charts.

Explanation: We're having 6 modules data. Given drop down for Module selection and on select event I have written Setfilter and Setvisible functions and displayed. country, state, region and city data in charts whereas I have used one data source for each chat I used.

Example: Sales module: Country wise sales (Datasource1), State wise sales (Datasource2), Region wise sales (Datasource3),,City wise sales (Datasource4) displayed these datasources with different chart. For each module I have 4 data sources (Total 24 data sources).

I need to limit number of data sources in the design studio application.

I have reduced number charts in the usage but unable to tune datasources.

Thanks in advance,


Ravi Bodala

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Answers (2)

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I would have 4 data sources with Modules in background filter. We can filter the data in data source on Modules based on on-select event from drop-down (like DS_1.setFilter(...)).

4 data sources(one for each of Country, Region, State & City wise chart) because with 1 data source data will not aggregate as expected.

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Hi Ravi,

Simplest way would be to have 1 ds, and use data selection property of the chart to select dimensions to be displayed in the report.

On the dropdown onselect apply the filters and the selected data for the chart should reflect the changes.