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Need information about SAP Bank Analyzer

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Hi Experts,

I want to learn basic ideas about SAP Bank analyzer and its integration with SAP BI. Is SAP Bank Analyzer a different system and how do we use it in SAP BI? What are the ways to load data and use those for SAP Bank Analyzer? How we actually use it? I do not have any idea about Bank Analyzer. I want to know what is it and how do we use it. If you can give me any document or link where it is explained in a simple language, it will be great.



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What do you really want to do, so that we can answer more precisely?

To say the things simply, SAP BA is an ABAP-based system which is an engine for mainly doing bank accounting calculations (part called Processes and Methods Layer); it also stores input data like loans, accounts, partners, etc. (called Source Data Layer) and calculation results (called Results Data Layer); input data may be enriched by any number of custom attributes.

SAP BI is needed technically because the idea behind SAP BA is also to do reporting, SAP decided to define custom attributes as being infoObjects so that it is easy to transport them to a BI system. SAP BA's results can be extracted from SAP BI of course. So that to define infoObjects at SAP BA's side, a true SAP BI is used (which is now automatically installed with any NetWeaver system), but only simple functions are used (infoObjects, DSOs, infoSets); this one is called "BI Tool" so that to not confuse with the "BI reporting" system.

You have 3 ways to load data in the SDL: you may do it manually, or use the DLL part (Data Load Layer) which reads data from DSOs (BI objects in the BI tool), that you have to fill by yourself, and they are connected to the SDL through customizing and BAPIs (standard programs call the BAPIs themselves), or call the BAPIs by programs directly.

For more details, see SAP library.