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Need help with Value '# ' of 0REF_DOC_NO contains invalid characters

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Hi Experts

We are having load failure due to this Value '# ' of characteristic 0REF_DOC_NO contains invalid characters error. I have managed to find out at PSA level there are few records with contains # value. I have also informed the user about it and user had rectified the record from ECC level.

Our load goes evey night through process chains from PSA to DSO and then to Cube.

We have requests in DSO till today and the problem happened two weeks ago e.g. 7 DEC. In cube the last record came on 6 DEC as after that it was failing everyday.

Now I am just wondering with few questions :-

Should I wait for next delta load to happen so that it can bring all the records from DSO to Cube or Do i need to change the record of that certain date in DSO too.

Please give me your valuable suggestion and steps.



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Sorry for posting it in wrong section, i have moved it to right thread now.

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Hello Sunny,

I'd advise for you to close this thread.


Eduardo Rezende