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Need help urgent - value of progid

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We are developing JAVA program using SAP JCO for calling IDocs in SAP System. For this, we have to give server and client properties in the program. Server properties as below:

//server properties to log on at the gateway server

java.util.Properties srvProps = new java.util.Properties();

srvProps.put("jco.server.gwhost", "my_gwhost");

srvProps.put("jco.server.gwserv", "my_gwserv");

<b> srvProps.put("jco.server.progid", "my_progid");</b>

srvProps.put("jco.server.unicode", "0"); // enter "1" for unicode systems

Here we have to give 'gwhost' and 'gwserv' of SAP server, but what value we should give for the <b>"progid".</b> Where can I get information about this progid. Even in SM59(for maintaining connections), we got stuck up with the progid only.

Would appreciate your immediate help.

Thanks & Regards,


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HI Dang ,

which type of connection have u created in sm59?.

hope u have tried for TCP/IP connections.

Are you following the outbound call of JCO.(I mean JCO.Server?)?

TCP/IP connections----in SM59

here u have the provision to enter program ID.

let me know.


Kishor Gopinathan