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Need help in changing the Occurences

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Hi All,

My requirement is to change the occurrence of all the  Header fields.

Can someone help me in changing the occurrence of a fields in XSD.

im not much familiar with XSD. i changed occurrences for few fields, while importing im getting the below error.

PFA XSD and help me with your valuable inputs.

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Answers (3)

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I wasn't able to replicate your issue. I even imported the text file and was able to display it in my ESR. Which PI version are you using? It looks like in your version, it is expecting a UTF-8 Byte Order Mark, which when loading the zip file you sent starts at 0D 0A

. UTF-8 starts with EF BB BF and then 0D 0A follows.

Maybe that is your error?

There is a solution though, open the original file in notepad then click the save as option, set to all files and use encoding UTF-8. It should add the EF BB BF in the xsd file.

Hope this helps,


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i think i changed the occurrences for all the fields under header..

can you try the attached xsd

if not provide more info on which fields you are looking at..

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FYI - I just tried to import the exact same thing in my server and it saves and activates fine

So i can confirm that there is nothing wrong with your XSD

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Hi Shabarish,

I attached the one which we are using previously.

i need to change the occurrences of all the header fields, can you please help me with that.

i changed occurrences of a fields, as per some blogs i changed the encoding to Uni-code, now it is giving below error.

PFA XSD [i changed the Occurrences]

Thanks for the prompt response.


Bhargava Krishna