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Need help extracting PSCD master data w/ many-to-many relationships

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Hello all -

We need some help. SBC for PSCD is very light, so we are having to create several custom extractors for master data. We are having trouble figuring out the best way to extract master data for Business Partner and Contract Object when they have a many to many relationship with each other.

The client is for a state Judicial council. The data model is as follows:

Business Partner = County Court (i.e. County of Wonderland) or a Person (John Smith, etc).

Contact Object = Case (i.e. Case # 1111 - John Smith vs. County of Wonderland)

The CO/Case will have multiple parties assigned (i.e. County of Wonderland and John Smith) to it. Additionally, Business Partners can be assigned to multiple cases (Court of Wonderland can have thousands of cases open at a time). Each time a new BP is assigned to a CO, a new line item is created in the table DPSOB_BP_ACC, which is basically used to store these relationships. (Basic CO master data is stored in table DPSOB).

Any advice would be much appreciated. None of us have any experience with many-to-many relationships in master data modeling.

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You can

- store this in one or more ODS, similar to the tables on R/3.

- model in a network hierarchy (not sure if that is the term), not sure if it is entirely possible to model your scenario in it.

The master data (attribute) can only store parent-child relationships, so even though the BP and CO will have their own master data, this many-to-many relationship can't be captured there and will have to be modeled separately.