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Need Assistance In Database-Specific Alerts Setup in SAP Cloud ALM

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We have recently implemented SAP Cloud ALM and successfully configured application-specific alerts. However, we are currently exploring options to set up database-specific alerts within the SAP Cloud ALM platform.

Upon reviewing the available features, we couldn't find dedicated options for monitoring database-related metrics. We would appreciate your guidance on how to establish database-specific alerts within SAP Cloud ALM.

Your assistance in this matter would be highly valuable. If there are specific configurations or steps we may have missed, kindly provide instructions or documentation to help us implement database-specific monitoring seamlessly.


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Not every SAP Product has supported metrics or events for Database monitoring. 

KBA 3426195 contains full instructions for:

  • Checking what SAP Cloud ALM for Operations use cases support the specific product you are interested in.
  • Checking what metrics are available for the specific product in the use cases available for it.

The most likely Operations use case for your query will be Health Monitoring.
Type "database" into the search filter for the  in the Health Monitoring Content metrics table to see the supported products and available metrics for "database" information.

To see what events are supported in Health Monitoring for creating alerts and/or sending e-mail notifications, you will need to logon to SAP Cloud ALM and access the Health Monitoring app. The "configuration" screen should contain an entry for the specific system/service you are interested in. Click the title link in the entry to open the configuration dialog and select the "events" tab in the pop-up. Either manually browse through each event, or type "database" in the search field to see the list of currently available events.

If database metrics are not available for the product or the list of events does not have an entry corresponding with the metric you are interested in, follow the instructions in KBA 3398745 to either vote on existing entry or create a new one for your desired event in the SAP Customer Influence program for SAP Cloud ALM for Operations.