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need a downloadable list of SAC Business Content Packages

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The list here is nice, but as far as I can tell isn't complete:

I'm looking for an output to excel option like on this page:

but for the content from this page:

Is it something that already exists? If so, please share a link. If not, please consider making it and reply to this post with a link to that resource.

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If there is no current resource online that can provide this readily, a spreadsheet that has this information will help (in the short term). Please do share if such a compilation exists.

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Hi Gabriel, the content list is updated to Q1 2022 - it's referred to as the Extended Content Inventory - and is an excel file. Here's link:


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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the response. This post was created by Gabriel as a response to my request. I did check the extended content inventory... however noted that the list is at a level (grain) of a content package. For useful extended analysis, was looking for a list at the level of models / reports. This granularity is available for the Fiori App library, making it very useful for further slicing and dicing. Do we have something at this lower level of detail. Thanks again for your help