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NCO 2.0 and UNICODE compatibility


Hi all

We are still running ECC 6 EHP 7 non-UNICODE and busy with HANA readiness exercise and thus UNICODE conversion. During testing it came to light that a critical app that integrates with SAP via NCO 2.0 is not working. 

I am unable to locate any documentation for NCO 2.0 and opened a ticket to request the same (hopefully answered as it is already out of support). 

In general is NCO 2.0 UNCODE aware/enabled? When I check I can only see librfc32.dll present in the application install folder. When the app is doing the RFC call to SAP, the call makes it to SAP, but it seems like the service is then failing when SAP returns the requested information.

I have tried some of the 3.0 UNICODE parameters (e.g. PCS) in the app.config, but no luck thus far. Alternative seems to have the app rewritten to use 3.0 which is a huge task. 

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi rcvt, 

NCo 2.0 has been out of support for more than 10 years now. You should no longer run an application with this version. I can only strongly recommend to spend the "huge" effort to get to a supported version of your app that runs with NCo 3.1. Then, also Unicode system communication is not a problem

Best regards

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Thank you Markus - I completely agree with your sentiment. There is a project in flight to change the complete tech stack of the application in general but this was delayed due to other priorities. In the interim is there any suggested mechanism/workaround to enable the communication whilst the development change is ongoing?