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Navigation to Detail Page does not work using FPM & UI5 Free style

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Dear Experts,

I am using the Flexible Programming Model (FPM) for my application.

Step1:- Created a Fiori Elements List Page using FPM.

Step2:- Created a routing to Detailed Page as shown below, this navigates to the other detailed page.


Step3:- Now, when trying to use the old UI5 Views & Controllers that are created with UI5 Freestyle approach (No FPM components at all for the detailed page).
In the detailed page nothing comes up and throws an error as shown below.



Does the above approach really works?

Thanks for the inputs.




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Dear Experts,
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I usually use this code to access the router (router is initialized in Component):

const oRouter = this.getOwnerComponent().getRouter();

I also see duplicate id's in your console. You should remove that also, the app won't work otherwise.