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Navigation between Views -> Data Binding on 2nd View does not work

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I have the following situation:

from my main WD application a window W1 is called together with V1 (default view). Here I display some information in a normal table. Via a button I navigate to a 2nd view (V2) and want to show some other data. The navigation works fine but no data is displayed. What could be the reason for this?

WD application

- calls Win1, default view V1 <= this works fine and data shows up

- Navigation to V2, via Nav.Plug <= works

- V2 is shown as empty table <= Data was selected and bound

For both views I defined a context each in the component controller. I mapped those contexts in the corresponding views.

Do you have any ideas what is missing? Maybe an initialisation somewhere?

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For passing data between two views there is only one way.

1. Create a node in component controller.

2. Map this node to View1.

3. Map this node to View2.

4. View1 and View2 should be mapped to Window1.

5. Create an outbound plug in View1.

6. Create an inbound plug in View2.

7. Click on the Window1 in the navigation bar.

8. Right click on the outbound plug of View1 and create navigation link.

9. Fill in the View2 inbound plug.

The data has to pass if it is there. So make sure there is data in the node. Plus make sure that View1 and View2 nodes are mapped from component controller. Else it wont work.

To check if the data is available in the node - see in webdynpro tool debugging if node has lead selected data.

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Check whether u have created the navigation link correctly in the WINDOWS..

Make sure the Outbound plugs carry the values passed from the main screen.. without that the values will not be passed to the next screen.

Ex: V1, V2 are the paramters imported through the plug... Similarly u can pass the required value...

  • Enable the out plug

wd_this->fire_out_main_plg( v1 = ls_node_ip-a

v2 = ls_node_ip-b ).

Refer this example



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In View V1 and V2 the context node u defined is same as context node in Component Controller's Context..?

and Does it mapped properly...?

What data u want to display in V2 is it different from data in V1..?