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Navigation between the view

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Hi all,

am having only one view in my scenario with couple of buttons, by clicking one button other button should be to do that?..

help me in this regard !!!!

Thanks & regards,


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Answers (6)

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Thank U Pals , the issue got resolved

Thank u Arjun, Vivek & Udhya

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Hi Experts,

regret for delay in reply. the issue got resolved , by using Wdui_visibility method.

Thanks Arjun & Vivek.

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1.create attribute type WDUI_VISIBILITY. the attribute with another button u want to visible. the fist button event set Attribute vaule as 02.


01: none

02: Visible



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Hi Anand,

Arjun has already explained you the suggested way of achieving your desired functionality. I would just suggest you as to how you can achieve the same through dynamic programming. This is however just for your reference for an insight into dynamic programming and you shouldnt be using this approach in practicality.

I have 2 buttons with id's B1 & B2 in my layout. I have created an action ONB1 for the button B1. The button B2's "visible" property is set to "None". Now in the "Attributes" tab of the view i create a reference variable lr_b2 type ref to cl_wd_button. This would be used to hold the reference of this button. I then fetch and save the reference of this button within the WDDOMODIFYVIEW using the below coding:

  check first_time = abap_true.
    wd_this->lr_b2 ?= view->get_element( id = 'B2' ).

Now within the B1's action handler I would have to use this object reference to make the button B2 as visible. This can be done using the coding below:

  wd_this->lr_b2->set_visible( value = '02' ).

That's it! Create an application and try testing it. The button B2 would be invisible by default (as per how you have set in the properties window at design time) & when you click on B1 the method ONACTIONB1 would get triggered resulting in the button B2 becoming visible.



You can try go through these blogs by Thomas Szuecs if you are interested in learning dynamic programming in WDA.

[SAP Network Blog: Dynamic Programming in Web Dynpro ABAP - Introduction and Part I: Understanding UI Elements|]

[SAP Network Blog: Dynamic Programming in Web Dynpro ABAP - Part II: Handling ViewElements|]

[SAP Network Blog: Dynamic Programming in Web Dynpro ABAP - Part III: Aggregations and DDIC-Binding of ViewElements|]

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Hi Anand,

Createan attribute of wdui_visibility type and bind it with the visible property of the second button. After binding the visible property, the second button will be invisible by default. Now in the ONACTION method of the first button, just set the value of that attribute to '02'. This will make the second button visible.

I hope it helps.



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You have to assign an attribute from the context node to the (no)display attribute of the button. If you click on the first button, in the action created for this button, you can set the attribute from the context node to true. since this context attribute is assigned to the display attribute of the second button, it will appear on your screen (view).