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Naming standards for reports in Business Objects?

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Dear colleagues,

I am about to start development of universes, queries and reports in Business Object for a client. Does anyone of you have any tips on naming standards for the reports? The source system that the dataware house is based on is a fund system. Often the name can be some letters and some numbers. Is there any logic behind this that I can follow?

I will sign points!

Kind regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Silje,

Naming convetions should really tie in with your own processes. So it hard to say there is one for all.

I generally create a report library. This is a simple list in Excel of the reports. It will contain the following

Report Id: A number that is unique to each report, e.g. 1000

Report Name: A short descriptive name, Monthly_Returns

Report Location: The folder path to the report

Report Description: A full descriptive name

Report Contact: The person to contact about the report, developer or support person

Report Owner: Business Owner of the report

In WebI I would then call the report 1000_Monthly_Returns. I generally use the folder name to point to the area, so in the case of funds this report would be in the Funds folder.

Hope this helps


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