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NAME1, 2, 3 and 4 in BR central governance app in MDG

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Dear all, good evening.

I need your help on the following issue. I am on MDG2022 embedded on S/4HANA 2022. I use the "Manage Business Partner Governance" Fiori app in order to create a BP (by pressing "New"-"Organisation". When i do so, in the page that opens, i see Name1 and Name2 fields only. And my questions are (a) how can i bring Name3 and Name 4 too in the UI? and (b) what is the technical name of these Name1 and Name2 fields? Is it MCNAME1 and MCNAME2 or NAME_ORG1 and NAME_ORG2?

Business wants to enter the same information in this UI as they do right now in the BP transaction in HANA. In HANA we have NAME1, NAME2, NAME3 and NAME4 in the BP transaction. So, i am really confused what id the mapping between these two.

Thank you very much,

Nikos Giannopoulos

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi ndgngiannop,

These four attributes are included in the pre-delivered MDG Data model BP and they are part of entity type BP_CENTRL. For more details, the complete list of supported and unsupported fields in MDG-BP is available here.


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I had done the same thing for 'Manage Customer - Governance' app, hope same works for you as well. Data model BP has Name 1, Name 2, Name 3 & Name 4 by standard. Name 3 & 4 only needs to be unhidden from the UI using customizing. Follow below steps:

1. Open Create New Org. Go to technical Help of General data section.

2. Open Component Configuration. Click on 'Other functions' and add a new Customizing.

3. Add element and add Name 3 & Name 4. Then save & Activate. It should reflect the fields upon restarting the FIORI app.

Technical names are: NAME_ORG1, NAME_ORG2, NAME_ORG3, NAME_ORG4.

Hope it helps!