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Name of file-adapter module in XI-Monitor

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Hi all,

when go to XI-Monitor with tcode xsmb_moni you can see informaion such as sender, sender namespace, sender interface etc..

We want to see the name of the module which we specify in the file adapter. This information is not shown as default. The name of the module will be helpfull in finding error in the configuration of the modul. For example your module abc got an error and you go into XI not see the monitor. You can see only the sender, namespace and the name of interface. With these 3 information you are not immediately able to find the corresponding module. What you have to do is to go subsequently all the file-adater modul an see which interface name are specify (because this name you see in the XI-Monitor). This could take long time. If you can see the name of the modul in the monitor than you can locate directly the modul of the file-adapter.

Have anybody an idea how to get the name of the module in the monitor?


Ly-Na Phu

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Hi Ly-Na Phu

If you want to display ur messages based on the selection Inbound/Outbound Channel (name of the module),

Click on the folder tab: More Selection Criteria in Tr: SXMB_MONI , enter the parameters for: Technical Inbound/Outbound Channel, and display ur results.



Prasad illapani

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Hi Prasad illapani,

thanks for your advice. But this doesn't help us what we want to do. If you specify these parameter you can see interface being send or received from certain technical adapter e.g.

AENGINE. So if you have 20 file-adapter module and 10 JMS-Module you get all this 30 modules in the monitor view. So you can go one by one an search for the interface name in each configuration.

What we need is really the way to pass the module name from the adapter engine as an attribute

to be shown in the XI-Monitor.


Ly-Na Phu

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Hi Ly-Na,

the modulename of the adapter is not transferred to the xi server and therefore cannot be seen in xi monitoring.

Best regards