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Mutiple values onto one row

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Hi All,

Fairly new user to webi reports and require some help.

I have trying to create a variable to get multiple columns values onto the same row, so my report does not create multiple ID rows for each value e.g.

ID Subject System Impact

1 abc Tableau

1 abc Excel

1 abc BusinessObjects

I created a variable which works if I filter for just one ID but not when all are brought in:

=[Content] Where ([Name] = "Systems Impact") In Report

I would like the output as:

ID Subject System Impact

1 abc Tableau, Excel, BusinessObjects

Hope this makes sense.

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Answers (3)

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Hi Amit,

For the variable would it simply be the following? =Category and =System

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try with creating two webi queries.One for filter on System and one for category.Merge ID from both queries and craeate detail avriables from rest of objects and drag in table.Check if this will work for you.

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Hi Amit,

Should the varibale simply be the following?


I have tried this but does not work. Just brings back error #DATASYNC.



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Hi Raman,

This is the best way to do it, at the Universe level. I've used it at least 3 times, and it works perfect.

This is the blog to create the logic in Report without updating the Universe, but there are some instances where it fails.

Mahboob Mohammed

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Hi Mahboob,

I don't have access to the universe and cannot get this working using the variables.

My original question was a little unclear, below is what I am getting:

ID Category System

1 Data(category)

1 Tableau(system)

2 Reporting(category)

2 Excel(system)

I would like something like this:

ID Category System

1 Data Tableau

2 Reporting Excel