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Hello all

I have created multiprovider by joining one cube and ODS and now in the result I am getting basically union ( similar to what we used to get in multicube) for example if from cube i am getting certain information its adding as new row for the information from ODS

Basically what I want is intersection not union so say If I want to see sales document number billing doc qty I should be able to see in one row not sure if its possible with multiprovider ( BW version 3.5)

Any input on thsi will be highly appreciated



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Answers (4)

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We have done the intersection using an infoset query. That worked for us.



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Kedar -

You included an InfoCube in an Infoset? What version are you on? Only think you can do that on 2004s/7.0


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The requirement of does not necessariliy required union. Records in the query split up because charactertics does not have values for one your are trying to display in the query.

For intersection infoset is available but join with cube is avaliable only from NW 2004s.

Try to select the common infoobject from both the infoprovider if you can acheive it then you will see the values in one data set.

Hope this helps!!!

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It it possible to do what you want using a multiproider. But you need to define query carefully so as to see it. I guess that you still need 'union', but data should be displayed in one row rather than two.

MultiProvider works easily when all the characteitics are same in both the underlying objects. When the underlying objects differ, then it puts data into two rows.

There is a solution for this (this is exactly your scenario). You can use "Constant Selection" on the Keyfigures. To read more about this, check this link

If you still could not solve it, tell me the characterisitcs and key figures that you want to show in the query and where each field is available

as an example:


Material (both ODS and Cube)

Plant (Only in ODS)

Order Number (only in Cube)


Amount (from ODS)

Quantity(from Cube)

Good Luck


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I'm having a similar problem (I think): I have an infocube with CO-PA transaction data and an ODS/DS-object with customer hierarchy information. I was told that I could use a Multiprovider to "attach" the hierarchy to the infocube, but I can't get it to work - I get no values in the hierarchy fields.

I've experimented a bit with the "constant selection" mentioned here but don't understand the concept.

My model is as follows (Multiprovider-mapping shown to the right):



0sold-to --> 0sold_to

0sold_to__0bpartner --> 0bpartner

...other characteristics like 0material etc.


Qantity sold --> Quantity sold

Amount invoiced --> Amount invoiced



0bpartner --> 0bpartner


bp_konc --> bp_konc

bp_firma --> bp_firma

bp_filial --> bp_filial

The three hierarchy fields all have 0bpartner as reference characteristic.

What I want is to be able to use the hierarchy for reporting on the infocube data. Is this possible or do I need to add the bp_* characteristics as attributes to 0bpartner to make it work?

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You are correct to conclude that a multiprovider is a union, not an intersection. To be able to do what you are trying to achieve, you need either 2 ODS objects or an ODS and an InfoObject and you can join them in an InfoSet or a Cube and an InfoObject and have the InfoObject as a characteristic in the Cube. I would recommend having 2 ODS objects.