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Multiple vendors assigned to one BP in MDG 9.2

Dear Experts,

We are doing some testing with MDG 9.2 on S4 1809 and are evaluation different topics. One is related to Business Partner and assigning multiple vendors to that. In MDG UI I can see multiple ERP vendors assigned to BP, but in transaction BP there is only one vendor shown. Also table BC001 shows only one entry and MDS_LINKS also shows only one assigned vendor. Maybe you can help me in understanding the concept. Is there some documentation available on this particular topic? Maybe some configuration is missing?

Thanks for helping me out here…

Best Regards


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Secondary / non-standard customers and vendors can be maintained through the API (CVI_EI_INBOUND_MAIN) but not through SAP GUI transaction BP. They are therefore available in the MDG UI and in the Fiori UI.

Both the primary / standard customer/vendor and all the others can be found in table MDG_MLT_ASSGMNT. (No MDG required.)

Transaction MDS_LINKS only shows the primary / standard customer/vendor, but the new transaction CVI_LINKS shows all of them. If you don't have that transaction in your system, get it with note 2873728.

Advantages: Have different addresses (the address number is stored in table MDG_MLT_ASSGMNT, too). Have different partner functions or otherwise different properties based on a different account group (e.g. texts, mandatory fields).

Still, I'm not a big fan. It causes a lot of problems in the frameworks that were built with the assumption that one business partner can be linked to at most one customer and one vendor. Lots of tiny hard to find bugs that only happen under very special circumstances.

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Can anyone explain what the benefit is of one vendor/customer linked to the BP?

Because I dont. It cant be maintained in transaction BP. It cant be found in search webui.

What does that mean if we migrate to sap4hana and the old transactions for vendor are obsolete?

Is the only way to maintain the additional vendors in MDG UI?

And in note it also states it CAN. What does that mean? You can customize so all vendors and customers are linked in table cvi_vend_link? It is really unclear.

When you assign multiple customers (or suppliers) to a business partner, you can have one standard customer (or supplier) master record, and the rest as additinal customers (or suppliers).

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Hi Janderson,

many thanks. So what would be the business benefit from of this concept? Maybe you know and can share some thoughts?


Hi, note 2706243 "Multiple Assignments of Customers/Suppliers to Business Partners in SAP S/4HANA 1809" explains that feature in more detail (using alt. addresses, ...)

Regards, Ingo Bruß

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Hi Matthias.

MDG-S allows you to create multiple vendors for one BP, but, only one vendor is assigned as a standard.