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Multiple Table structure Import in ERP Data Stores

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Hello All,

I have Configured  ERP system as Data source in DS and Now i want to Import 500 Table structures in that.

I observed that I have Option to Enter only One table at a time in Import.

I there any way to import all table structure in a time.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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When you expand a datastore and right-click on the tables node, you only see the "Import By Name..." option. Is that what you're referring to?

When you double-click on the datastore instead, the "Datastore Explorer" will open. Select "External Metadata" in the radio button. Expand the nodes you need. Then, with shift-click and control-click you can select muliple tables for import at a time (right-click on any name and select import):

Note: When you select a node, all underlying tables are imported at once.

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Hello Venken,

I have to Import almost 500 or more tables which are all in CSV format hence i am looking a way to Import all Table structures in to respective data stores.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi jagan,

by using al_engine.exe prog we can import tables as below

parameters you have to pass






we can write below function in script or in custom function

exec('al_engine.exe','-Usa -PPassword123 -SIMPERIOPRB -NMicrosoft_SQL_Server -Qrepo_di -IDS_SAP..KNA1',8);

i have designed a job as below

first we have to create a custom function as below

Return exec('al_engine.exe','-Usa -PPassword123 -SIMPERIOPRB -NMicrosoft_SQL_Server -Qrepo_di -IDS_SAP..[$table_name]',8);

in sap ecc  DD02L table contains all table names,use that table as source

for  example you want to import customer tables ,you can write where clause as below

in schemaout you have to call custom fun you have created earlier.

for table_name parameter ,you have to pass an argument as column TABNAME

and drag the return parameter to right

after execution of the job ,you have to restart the designer then you can find the imported tables in data store