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multiple sql statements from java

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I am executing sql statements in MaxDB from java using jdbc.

I want to execute multiple statements at a time, but it seems that however I separate the statements, I get [-3014] (at 433): Invalid end of SQL statement

I have tried separating the statements with just a semi-colon, with a semi-colon and new line, with newline-//-newline (as works with SQL Studio), but whatever I try I get this error or some other.

Is it possible to do this? and if so how?



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Hi Lars,

As I understand it - and I'm open to correction - the issue is the visibility of the temporary tables, and that is not about executing the statements in a single transaction, but executing them all from the same connection.

I think maybe our posts crossed - as I said above, I've found a workaround.

Thanks again for your help.


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HI Chris,

yep - temporary tables are just visible from within a single transaction. And one transaction is always bound to one session.

As I wrote: perhaps you don't need db-temporary tables. Perhaps you need something else, like data that you store in regular tables and access it later on and delete it again eventually.

As a matter of fact, temporary tables are most often misused for cases where views would have done the same thing.

Best regards,



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