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Multiple SLD Targets on a AS JAVA System


Hello Community,

I am facing a relative unique Situation. I want to add serveral Systems to my Solman, for monintoring purposes. So far no trouble with the ABAP Servers. However the AS Java Machine holds his onw SLD (that has nothing to do with the SLD that we use for Monitoring)

All ABAP Machines send SLD Data to the AS JAVA System (For PI and / or Elster purposes, as i am told) and of course to my Solman SLD. (you can easily add multiple targets via http connections)

As far as i know, a JAVA System can only relay SLD Information to one other SLD. Currently on the AS JAVA it has itself as Client as well as Data Supplier entered.

Since i do not know how it would impact the function of all the Programs depending on the SLD, i would rather not change the settings, that are, but rather add another one to target my SLD.

Is that possible? And if yes how? So that i only get the information from the AS java, that nothing additional is send to the solman?

Thank you very much for your help!

Alessandro Büch

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello Alessandro,

I would recommend you to review Outside Discovery feature from SAP Solution Manager in order to register systems using SAP Host Agent.

All data required to field LMDB details is retrieved via SAP Host Agent.

See below documentation for your reference

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Hello, this does not work for me. Outside Discovery only registers the computer system, the database and the HostAgent. How can I register the technical systems ? Because the other stuff is there, but when I click on AS Java technical systems, I do NOT see the AS Java technical system in question 😞
Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Depending on the technical System, some have their own data supplier:

1869701 - Overview of the SLD Data Suppliers of Technical Systems

If you enabled Outside Discovery and is not reflecting in LMDB get below logs:

  • Diagnostics agent logs 2455767 - How to Generate or Download the Diagnostics Agent "Support Logs" - Solution Manager  
  • SAP Host Agent logs 1292836 - Logfiles of the SAP Hostagent

    From agent logs we want to check e2edcc.log to review if there is a statement showing that Outside Discovery has been enabled via SAP Host Agent 

    [DCCService.isHostOutsideDiscoveryEnabled]: true

    If so, configuration from Agent administration / application configuration seems correct. 

    Then the host agent needs to execute a webservice called Outside Discovery which will create a log in saphost agent logs called OutsideDiscovery.log . From there we need to observe if SLDReg is working fine, if we detect any error, LMDB will not show this work, then we need to contact the host agent team to verify why OutsideDiscovery is not working fine.