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multiple session issue

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I have created SAP transaction ivews in my portal with SAP Logon tickets to connect r/3. End users are having tendency to open multiple browser window using Ctrl+N. This way they dont have to login many times and can have many portal window open.

The problem here is for each new window opned with Ctrl+n it opens a new session in R3. this way there are so many sessions are opened in R3. Is there any way we can prevent multiple sessions in R3?

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to prevent multigui logon "disable/multi_gui_logon=1"

as for my knowledge edit that default parametere put ther 2 instead of 9

9 will come by default....

try once searching that parameter in the rz11......

I will check it and let you know the parameter.....



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Mr. Gu,

I am very interested in the User Exit you were talking about. Can you give me some clue, for example the name of the User Exit or function module of enhancement framework?



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The enhancement is SUSR0001

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I create a customized project for this enhancement

Inside it, I do the validate check for user login sessions

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Hi Siddharth,

There is a parameter called login/disable_multi_gui_login

which can be set to value of 1. This will disable multiple gui logins completely. However, if you just want to limit multiple gui logins, set the parameter rdisp/max_alt_modes. You can adjust these parameters in the DEFAULT.PFL file or via transaction RZ10. However, the R/3 system will have to be bounced for these changes to take affect.

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Best Regards,


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Hi Rick.

I also meet with the same problem , situation.

We have tried with parameter


but it does not work if login come from EP SSO.

When user open backend R/3 from EP SSO, it will not be considered as a new connection, so the parameter validation does not work.

I check the documents. EP has some session management methism to control the too much sessions to backend system.

And in our project, our solution is that we develop a userexit in R/3. When user login in R/3 from EP for more than 1( the number can be changed as u want ) times, the R/3 will tell user that he can only connect to R/3 for one connection, he can go on ( terminiate the old one ) or quit current.

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Hi, Jihanong Gu

Would it be possible to send me the outline of the verification procedure you have on your user exit ?

I do not know how I would handle the verification of sapgui coming from the Portal.

Thanks in advance.


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Hello Guys

Could you please send me logic to prevent multiple logon ?We tried something but it didnt work in user exit.



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You can set a maximum session limit in the backend per logon as a system parameter. I couldn't find it right away, but I remember, that you can set it. The default is 9 "mode" per GUI logon. Your Sys Admin maybe remember better than me.