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Multiple Queries in single Web Template

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Here is the senerio:

1. I have web templates in which I have defined multiple queries.

2. There is a huge Java Code to make changes to the look and feel where publishing on portal.

3. Only one query result is being displayed on portal at any given point of time.

Now my question is "Will the query rendering time be less if I use only one query per template instead of multiple queries as above?"



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Answers (1)

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If you are using multiple queries then how are you designing the final web template, I meant are you doing data binding for queries with web tempaltes and then insert all the templates in to a main template?

or are you just using multiple table web items and using a single template for all the queries?

If you have Javascript then try using multiple templates for multiple queries and write the javascript for the related template and then put all in a main template.