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Multiple Nodejs modules in MTA app cloud foundry

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Hi Team,

Created a multi target application app in cloud foundry using HTML5 repository . created 2 node js modules inside mta apart from app router. have some queries reg this set up. below is the structure of MTA

1) why app router and ui module only has xs-app.json and not in other 2 node js modules and where to actually implement the routes for the app

2) How to access the 2 node js modules created after deployment I have implemented simple http server in both node js modules as below

Basically access these node js from 2 different urls which may give some json response

These above apis will be ultimately used in ui module of MTA app.



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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The xs-app.json is a configuration file that belongs to the Approuter. Your UI module is probably an Approuter "under the hood" as well.

You define routes in the xs-app.json to destinations that point to the backend apps (and pass the access token if you've secured it with xsuaa). Check the documentation for more details: