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Multiple message mappings in one integration scenario

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I am trying to send a message to a marketplace that uses a web service interface. First I have to map the SRM PO to OAGIS XML, then This must be embedded in the message of the web service which requires a further mapping. In the integration scenario in the repository it seems straight forward, however the configuration of the scenario in the directory seems a little strange. This becaue the middle step does not really have an eternal receiver, as it must stay in the integration engine until the final conversion. Is it actually possible to perform several mapping in series or must I use an integration process for the middle mapping?

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Hi Andrew,

you mean several mappings in one interface mapping?

if so then sure this is possible:


only if you use message mapping does the XI check

the structure of the message if you use any other kind

of mapping you don't have to worry about the

target message structure



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Thanks Michal,

I have looked at the link and I understand the process. it sounds exactly what I need. However I couldn't manage to configure the message interface with more than one mapping. I am not exactly sure how I should be setting up the Target to Target mapping. When I add a 2nd line in the message type section there does not seem to be an obvious way to associate the 2nd mapping to the new message types. Its almost as if the system seems the two messages on either side as somehow using the same interface mapping. Am I missing something straightforward?

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I am addressing the same problem as follows.

If you need a canonical mapping (such as OAGIS in your example) you need 2 mappings for 3 messages A(source) to B(canonical) to C(target). If you try to use XI (without BPM) as an action between the source and the target need to configure a channel in and out which as far as I can see is not possible.

When setting multi-mapping you seem to only have the folowing options:

Multiple source and multiple targets but this seems to limit you to one mapping program.

Multiple mappings if I have only one source and one target.

I think this is designed to map one or many sources to one or many targets in one mapping program.

Also you can apply a series of mapping programs to a single source and target pair.

If I understand Michal's solution you would define A as the source and C as the target. You then use multi mapping to get to the final result, but I think this is still on a single source and target. A second solution is to include multiple mappings as additional modules in the channel adpator.

To take advantage of the canonical approach I am using a simple integration process with a receive and send step. All this realy does is get round the problem you highlight of having to have channels for the middle action in your integration scenario. This is an overhead but does allow you to add splitting and combining messages if needed in the future without much additional configuration.

I can't see an easy option without BPM. Maybe there is an alternative but I can't find it. Maybe a next release of XI could include an interface mapping configuration that allows a sequnce of mapping betweem multiple pairs of maps:

Seq Source -

Mapping Program -


1 -

Message A -

Mapping Program 1 -

Message B

2 -

Message B -

Mapping Program 2 -

Message C

I hope this helps.



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It may not give exact solution but I hope this discussion will help you.

Also the blog