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Multiple lines in a Output XML message

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Hi all,

I am currently implimenting a simple scenario of creating a file in a particular format using XI.The working scenario is that we get an XML message from BO which will be mapped to the required format of the file.But for testing we are using an hardcoded XML file as the incoming message to XI.

But there is a problem I am facing. The incoming XML message will contain multiple information and this has to be mapped to a header information followed by items.Like for example I have a payment document which has paid some 5 invoices.The incoming XML message will have this information and what I need in the output is to have the invoice information in 5 different lines.

For eg - Assume I have the following structure for incoming message



....and so on

Here for every REGUH entry we can have mulitple REGUP and also we can have multiple REGUH.

Say my target structure is -

Header Info

Record Info

so for every REGUH and corresponding REGUP combination I will have a Header Info and Record Info.For the next REGUH and corresponding REGUP I will have another Header and Record Info.

I tried testing this in message mapping by duplicating the node REGUH and REGUP but it does not work.I also tried by having the occurances as 1 to n on both sides.It did not seem to work.

Can you guys give some feedback on this.



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Answers (2)

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Thanks for the information.But this was a simple case which works.But in my case I have something like -

one field in REGUH will appear once in the file while some other fields will appear multiple times.Also I have a lot other structures which are something like this.

I assume that occurence for both sides should be 1 to n.

But it does not seem to work for me.Its a bit complicated target structure.

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You need to manipulate the contexts in the mappings.

For example, map REGUH to Header Info. But raise the context of the REGUH field in the mapping (right click and follow the menu), so that a Header Info record is created for each occurence of the REGUH.