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Multiple Jdbc to Multiple rfc

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i have a problem whit my new complext PI interface.

I need read some tables in SQL Server (whit a relation each others), and i need send the data on RFC function modules for each table.

But i cannot create different interfaces...

I need read the tables on same time and delete the content....

How can i do it? using BPM? using only one Comunication Channel?

Have you suggestions or example?

Thanks in advance


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Answers (3)

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Hi ,

To select Data from multiple tables use Join query to select data from many table,in your case there is a realtion between all tables,so better to using only instead of BPM.



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Hi Alessandro Pederiva

write a stored procedure for this for example: sp_multical

and inside your mapping call EXECUTE sp_multical

inside your Stored procedure you can wtite the complex logic to read and update multiple table

for more on SP you may follow this thread

hope this may help you



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You could achieve this e.g. with a BPM. Have a look at the BPM loop patterns delivered by SAP.

A brief description (examples and use cases) can be found here:



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i know what is it as BPM but i'm not sure it's a good solution.

how can i lunch on same time 5 JDBC adapter??? and group all data in same interface?