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Multiple HANA installations on one hardware?

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Good Morning,

we are planning to build our first HANA-systems and cannot find a proper answer to our scenario.

Let me try to sketch our scenario a bit so it could help to answer the question.

Scenario 'now':

We have built our now running landscape on SLES 11.4 with multiple SAP-systems just cleanly divided by logical volumes, virtual hostnames and system parameters. To be more precise: We are running two ERPs and one SolMan on one hardware WITHOUT any VMware, HyperV or whatsoever layer. It works perfectly fine.

Scenario 'future':

We want to migrate the 'now-Scenario' to a HANA-ready hardware based on the sizing for all three SAP-installations together. The OS would be SLES 12.3, the two ERPs would migrate to S/4 on HANA and the SolMan would migrate to 7.2 on HANA.

Now the somewhat unusual question:

Is it possible / recommended to run the new three HANA-systems in one RAM like in the 'now-scenario'?

With the information we gathered already, we do not see any issues with that. Maybe someone has already experienced serious issues and / or has facts, notes, whitepapers or guides that clearly decline our plan.

Thanks in advance and kind regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Daniel,

Your scenario is possible as per SAP Note 2096000 - SAP HANA multitenant database containers - Additional Information.

Whether it is recommended depends on your requirements. I believe that SUSE had been working on multiple components on one system (MCOS) for SAP HANA but might have abandonerd this in favour of SAP HANA multitenant database containers (MDC).

Best regards


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Daniel,

Your scenario is possible. Build Non-Production and get SAP approval before architecturing this scenario.

For production, you need to plan as per Note,

Note: Some other SAP notes discuss restrictions when combining applications on SAP HANA on a single database (known as MCOD Multiple Components One Database), such as note 1661202(white list of applications / scenarios) and 1826100 (white list relevant when running SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA). These restrictions do not apply if each application is deployed on its own tenant database, but do apply to deployments inside a given tenant database.

SAP note 1681092 discusses support for more than one SAP HANA DBMS on a single hardware unit, (otherwise known as MCOS, Multiple Components One System). With MDC, we aim to meet most customer requirements that would lead to consider MCOS, perhaps except cases which require more than one SAP HANA version on the same hardware installation, which is most likely to occur in a non-production system.


Amit Lal

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Hi there guys,

thanks for your replies. I really appreciate it.

We have now installed a sandbox with a S/4 HANA and a SolMan 7.2 on HANA and systems are running fine. No issues at all. Testphase will start early January.

Kind regards and happy holidays!