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Multiple Events & Triggering of Workflow

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Dear All,

I have a requirement in which -

1) A workflow should trigger on two events i.e. 2 different tcodes, it is possible for a single workflow triggering from 2 events ?? if yes, kindly explain.

2) The workflow should trigger on a particular date given in the tcode, like order completion date i.e. i should program the workflow for advance. How ??

3) There is a requirement of sending mails to the respective persons in the organisation, these email-ids are stored in a z-table, how to achieve this ?

Any assistance provided to clarify the above issues will be really grateful.


Saurabh Chauhan.

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hi saurabh,

Yes, it is possible to trigger a workflow based on multiple events. All the steps are the same as we do in case of one event but make sure that the binding is done properly.

Check this link out for one event & just add the second event in the second line where the first event is already added.

Best of luck,


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1.You can trigger a workflow from two different events. In the triggering events tab of the workflow template, just specify the other triggering event as a new entry in the second line. Take care of the binding. If the events are from two different business objects, then you need to create two different workflow containers and bind them accordingly in the Event - > Workflow binding.

2.In workflow you have conept called the start condition. If the condition is satisfied, then only the workflow will advance. What you have to do is in the business object that you use in designing the workflow, create an attribute which retrieves the date. In the screen of workflow builder, go to the basic data(ctrl+F8)...instance independent and the tab ....start the event for which the condition is to be on the box beside the binding. it will show you the condition the attribute that you have created with the required value.

3.You can get the values in two to create an attribute and get the values from the ZTABLE, then use the same in the SENDMAIL step of the workflow. The second one would be create a mehod in which the coding to get the users from the table is executed and the list of users are exported from the method to the workflow template. You have the facility to create an element fo multiline. Use it.

Hope this will help.