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Multiple data security profile filter

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Dear community,

though I searched SCN and found some documents that seem to cover my problem (like ), the solutions provided there do not work out for me.

Using SAP BO 4.1. SP5, I want to build multiple Data Security Profiles for row level security with following requirements:

Filter is applied on only one dimension, [Company]. A user can belong to several user groups, each group is allowed to retrieve information for just one company.

Filter for each security profile looks this: "[Company] = 'Company_A'"; or "[Company] = 'Company_B'"

Everything is fine as long as a user belongs to only one group. But if a user is assigned to 2 or more groups, the queries do not retrieve any values. This is because the WHERE clause in the query looks like:

WHERE ("[Company] = 'Company_A'") AND ("[Company] = 'Company_B'")

which obviously prevents any data to be retrieved. I also tried "IN" as a filter condition ([Company] IN ('Company_A')), but it didn't work out either.

Has anyone an idea how to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I found the solution myself.

In the "Universes / Profile" tab in security editor you can specify - either for the whole universe or the single restrictions - whether you want the restrictions to be hard or soft. Means, whether you want to combine them with AND, ANDOR or OR.

Please see attached screenshot for reference.



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