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Multipe filters on Hierarchy nodes in DTP

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Hello Everybody,

I need your help:

I need to filter in a DTP on several Hierarchy nodes.

I have tried to do it with an OLAP Variable but it did not work.


is it possible to do that with an OLAP variable? how should I set up the variable?

Since I am not a programmer, can you help me with the code - if I have to create a customer Exit variable?


if I can not create an OLAP VAR - shall I do it directly in the DTP? is it possible?

Can you provide me with the code pls? I need to filter on different  ( 10 ) nodes of the Hierachy - I have googled it but not found any clear response

I really appreciate your help

many thanks


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9 years later I just discovered this thread and can only say: bug thumbs up! I've used your code example in my DTP and it worked just fine. Great stuff - saved me about 4 hours of loading time. 🙂