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Multi Source Data Foundation Error

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I'm having an issue with a measure I'm trying to build in a business layer built off of a multi source data foundation. The select statement in the measure is a 12 line case when statement, with one line per month. The issue I am hiving is the it works fine when I include 8 rows Jan to Aug, but when I include a 9th row i get the following error message when I try to show values.

[Data Federator Driver] [Server] [Connector 'BIQL'] The database has reported an Exception: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Statement(s) could not be prepared. (SQLState: 42000, Vendor code: 8,180)

The backend database is sql server 2008 and I'm using and ODBC connection. Additionally it does work if I use an OLE DB connection it just take 5 to 10 times longer.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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not familiar with this one, but here are some suggestions for troubleshooting MSU:

Here's what you need to gather:

1. Enable the client trace for the Information Design Tool, as per Note 1586166

2. Enable the TraceLog service in the Adaptive Processing Server (APS) for the Data Federation Service.

3. Open the Data Federation Administration Tool (DFAT) client. In System Parameters, set "QUERY_HISTORY_SIZE" to 100. Switch to the Query Monitoring view, and select Type "All Queries".

--> Now, Re-run the problematic MSU workflow in IDT

Once complete:

-> In DFAT, Click "Save the monitoring information as XML" to capture the test output

-> For IDT, locate the InformationDesignTool_*_trace.glf file

-> For APS, locate the APS_.AdaptiveProcessingServer_trace..glf file

Now use the trace files to begin analysing the root cause

Let us know your findings. If not, please log a support case with the above collaterals. (it the first thing they/we/I would ask for)