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Multi provider

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Hi all,

COPA report our data flow MP-> Four incubes(ZCCA_C11, ZCCA_C12, ZCOPA_C01 and ZCOPA_C02) -> DS, Query

designed based on Multi provider. ZCCA_C11- Cost element define in free characteristic when drill down on that cost center

related all GL account displaying. Now my client asking Profit center related G/L account also required in that report, that all details

G/L account in ZGL_C10 info cube, Now i want to include this cube into Mulit provider i have done that still required G/L account

not displying in report, I think common field from different cube not correctly i given i think, can any one help on this how to find

common field and how to include in MP. Please guide on this.

Thanks & Regards,

R. saravanan

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Answers (2)

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Your last comment shows what the problem is. You HAVE to include at least 1 key figure from a provider within a Multi for that data set to be included. My understanding of how a Multi works is that it runs 1 query per InfoProvider and then unions the results sets. (faster because it can parallelize the reads) So it says, Oh, I don't use any key figures from this cube, I don't need it. My suggestion is to add a dummy key figure to the cube like "Counter" or something and drag it into the BEx query.

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Hi raj,

First Check the data in LISTCUBE weather data is there for you selection?

have you identified characteristics and key figures from the newly added infocube.?



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ZCCA_C11 infocube have some G/L account. ZGL_C10 incube also have some G/L account using both IC we have created

MP. When i execute the reports ZCCA_C11 infocube related G/L account only displaying in report . No G/L account displaying

from ZGL_C10. My requirment is all G/L account have to display from this ZGL_C10. Kindly guide on this.

Note: From this cube ZGL_C10 only taken G/L account field. No key figure taken from this cube.

Thanks & Regards,

R. Saravanan