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Multi-mapping activate changes error

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Good afternoon!

I want to use multi-mapping to split one IDoc(WBBDLD04) to some xml documents.I want XI to create one xml document per segment E1WBB01 of WBBDLD04 IDoc. I set Occurrence = 0..unbounded for target interface in interface mapping . Then I try to activate changes. IX generate errors:

MaterialMasterRequestMapping |

A multi-mapping with multiple source or target interface instances is only recommended with asynchronous interfaces, since only a mapping of this type can be used in the process editor. IDoc WBBDLD.WBBDLD04 | urn:sap-com:document:sap:idoc:messages are not asynchronous abstract interfaces

Mapping program Message Mapping MaterialMaster2SBO_GT2 | does not match the interface mapping. The number or frequencies of source or target messages for the message mapping are not identical to the number or frequencies of source or target interfaces.

Tell me please, what I do wrong?


Lositskiy Alexandr

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You need to create an Abstract from your IDoc (Message Interface).

To use mutli mapping, you need to create a Business Process. Then in your Business Scenario, use your Business Process and reference your multi map.

Hope this helps.



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Simon, Good afternon!

Thanks for yor ansver, this problem solved!


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