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Multi Component in SAPUI5

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Dear All,

I am sure that SAPUI5 supports multi Component in SAPUI5. But I am not able to demonstrate practically.

What I have done is:

1) Created a SAPUI5 Application with a Component code as :"test.Component");


  createContent : function(){

// this.oButton = new sap.m.Button()

  return new sap.m.Button({text:"login"})


   myButton : function(){

    return new sap.m.Button({text:"login"});



It works fine as individual Application, now I have created another SAPUI5 Application and created a component code as:-"test2.Component");"test", "")"test.Component");


  createContent : function(){

  return test.Component.myButton();



I am blur at what to define at line no 2 :"test", "<what to define here>");

both applications are deployed to the same server.

Please advice.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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We need to create an instance of Component where we are calling (inside calling component)

var ocomp1 = sap.ui.getCore().createComponent({

  name : "test", // name of the component from it's declaration part

  url : "/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/z_comp1" // path if the BSP Application


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Hi Devender,

Did you try to access this in eclipse instead of testing and pointing to bsp application in your server.

Because i am unable to access component of application 2 in application 1.

I have a application called "dealapp" and component name is and maintained resource roots as "": "../../dealapp", in index.html of application 1. I checked in network tab of application 1, it is calling to http://localhost:51169/dealapp/Component.js  with 404 error.

Can you help me!!!



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