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MSS UWL – All the pending leave approval in UWL showing the one single request

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Hi Experts

UWL successfully retrieves the information from backend system. (All are WDA based leave applications)

Say for example we have three pending item in Portal UWL.

Work item 1

Work item 2

Work item 3……

During the selection on the work item from UWL by default the system brings the same item again and again.

Say for example I have selected work item 1 – it shows the work item 1.

(Now closed the approval window) and then

I have selected work item 2 – it shows the work item 1 again instead of work item 2.

(Now closed the approval window) and then

I have selected work item 3 – it shows the work item 1 again instead of work item 3.

Last week we had 13 work items pending for the approval. At that time, whatever the item selected from UWL by default it fetching the Work item 5 for all the 13 request for the same user id.

All the possible options tried from our side during the initial investigation.

Tried the same scenario in different machine, IE 10, IE11, removal of cookies, adding the site in Local Intranet / Trusted sites.. etc….

Temp solution:

Still user can navigate to the Next work item by using the Previous and Next button on WDA approval page. Currently user using the same option in the system as a temporary solution.

can you please share your comments on the same to fix the issue.

Kind Regards,


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Answers (2)

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Hello Prasath

Based on your description, it seems that you're having the problem described in the following KBA:

1773641 - Web Dynpro ABAP based Leave Request use in UWL

Please check to see if the task types match to your scenario, and if that is the case apply the resolution mentioned there and re-register your UWL Connector to recreate the XML file from the ABAP system.

To ensure that the changes are taken into effect on runtime within UWL, also check KBA 2141647 and restart the UWL application.

Kind regards,


Active Participant
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Hi Prasath,

We will need some further information to try and help you.

Are these custom or standard tasks?

What version is the system on?

Does this issue occur in all browsers?

Does the same issue happen when opening directly from the standard UWL iview:

Log on to the portal with an id that has tasks in the UWL and can access

Content Administration ---> Portal content

a. Content provided by SAP

b. End user content

c. Standard Portal users

d. Iviews


f. open the folder

g. right click on the Universal Worklist

h. and display a preview

Also have you checked the traces? Whats been logged during time of reproduction? Run a logwatch trace as per kba 1593107 with uwl component is increased to ALL and reproduce the issue.

Thanks and regards,


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Hi Lorraine

Thanks for your reply. Sorry for the delay.

Task - standard leave task.

Version - you are asking UWL version or SWDD workflow version.
browser - as of now checked only IE. don't have other browser. Requested for the approval from client side to install the same.

since it is from PRD Portal, we have lot of approvals involved to trouble shoot further.

to assign content admin role to check via standard UWL and to check UWL trace using as per kba : 1593107 .

also requested the authorization team to check the trace in SU53 if any during the re production of issue.

Note : The issue happening only for very few users in PRD environment. Also tested the same with some other managers and it is working fine. Not sure what could be the reason.

As soon as I got the approvals for the troubleshooting will check the same in the user system and update the thread accordingly.