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MSS - Salary Development iView internal error

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I'm facing an error on Salary Development iview. Message is "An internal error occured while reading the data".

Does anyone know where's the error coming from? I've defined the wage types in SIMG_SPORT but to no avail.


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Hi Julie,

Hope you have found an answer to your problem. If not:

I'm getting the same error as you, but it seems that I have found at least a part explanation to the error.

First of all: In the iview setting "SalaryBackend" you define whether you want to retrieve data from the CRT-tabel in the payroll cluster (=1) or you want to display data from the PA infotypes 8, 14 and 15 (=2).

Next: I assume that your customizing in SIMG_SPORT is correct taking your choise of setting in SalaryBackend into consideration.

Finally: The important parameter setting in the iview seems to be the "YEARS_PAST". If this parameter e.g. says 5 years, and the employee has been with the company for at least 5 years but does not have an infotype 8 created for all 5 years we get the error.

In my test system the employees are hired as of january 1st 2004 but infotype 8 was created as of january 1st 2005. If I execute the iview with YEARS_PAST = 5 I get the error.

Possible solutions:

A) By creating infotype 8 from the hire date I no longer get the error.

B) Alternatively I must specify either a smaller number of years in the general iview setting or

C) Each manager must specify a smaller number of years in in the personalization view when using the iview

I think the error message is pretty bad. If the iview only finds an infotype 0008 for the current year it should present the data instead of such an error message...

Kind regards

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We're getting the same error and couldn't get through even after doing the 3 items suggested. Has anyone found any other solution to this? Thanks in advance.