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MSS Customization

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Hi Ppl,

Am new to ESS MSS and Portal developments.

My requirement goes in following way:

On a view, there are 5 tabs which contains tables with some field. The function requirement is that a manager has certain employees and few can be eligible or ineligible for certain plan. The requirement is to hide employee from the manager's list which are inactive (column in tab). If all employee's are ineligible, hide the tab itself.

Not sure how this can be achieved. Technically, code can be written to handle the same or not, am not sure.

If code can be written, am not sure how can i pull up the object from the business package.

NWDI is already installed and now the question is to access the technical code from it which am not sure how.

any help will prove great for me as am not sure where am heading for. Few of my questions went unclear i guess....let me know if still more info is required to be provided on my query.

Thanks & Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Santosh,

Well definitely you can modify, but first you need to identify which application you are working upon. If you are not sure then please mention which MSS application you are referring to you.

You have to enhance standard function modules as well so that you can identify concerned condition and then based on eligibility you can set visibility of concerned tab and this should do.

Details is only possible when you clearly mention which application and which tabs you are working upon.

Hope this helps.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Ppl,

Thanks for your inputs.

I would like to provide more details on my requirements and queries..

My requirements:

Compensation Management --> Compensation Planning

1. Manager has both eligible and ineligible employee in his list. Requirement is to hide all the ineligible employees. And if a tab has all ineligible employees, hide the tab itself. (the tabs include MERIT, Promotion, AIP, SAR, Summary etc)

--> I've suggested to modify the SAP back end FM to handle this functionality to not list ineligible employees though am not sure if this can be achieved. The other thing i have is to hide tab in case a manager has all ineligible employees, on which i need an expert opinion whether it can be done through configuration or whether code needs to be written for same.

2. To change the order of tabs.

--> Again i need your expert opinion on whether it can be handled through configuration (if yes how) and if not, how it will impact if i go and change TAB layout in code

3. Whenever i click on employee name for compensation profile, i get an error "page not found or not available."

Am not sure what issue this can be.

--> Since it's a part of Standard SAP, need to know if anyone came across this similar issue. Is there any note which i have to apply or any other thing i need to look upon.

What i need too:

1. I need to know how can i pull and modify the source code from NWDI to NWDS and then deploy back. I have a rough idea of it which is as follows:

a. Create a track

b. Open NWDS and go Development Configuration perspective.

c. Click on the icon to import the configuration.

d. Choose the remote option from the opened dialog box.

e. It will prompt you for the username and password.

f. Once you are authenticated, you will see the tracks.

g. Select the track you want to import and click finish.

h. Now, go to the inactive DCs view and select the DC that you want to work on.

i. Open the context menu on the DC, and select create project.

j. Once the project is created, you can go to the web dynpor perspective to work on the DC.

Though the steps listed are good, but still if any documentation in detail, if available will prove great help for me.

My queries include, do i need to login to DTR before following from step b above? Am unclear on what's the role of DTR here. Also, how do i deploy my code back once i've done the changes?

Also, am not much clear with the tracks part of NWDI, so how can i find out the code/bp for compensation planning??

I have lots of queries, but any help from you people will prove great for me...

Thanks & Regards,

Santosh Verma.

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Hey Santosh

You would need to identify the specific MSS projects (DC's) and customize the code in them to achieve the requirement.

look for documents on SDN for Developing or updating DC' using NWDI. especially you would find some help on this link

[|]. Scroll to the bottom to find Portal and JDI elearning sessions.

Hope it helps


Deshdeepak Shukla

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Here are some more helpful links for NWDI and Webdynpro

1. [|]



Deshdeepak Shukla

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I've sent some more docs to your email id. chk it out.



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Hi Santosh

There is a rather crude way of finding out which project an iView belongs to. In the portal iView, right click and select View Source. You will find a development component name similar to mss~<dcname>. With this, you could check in your NWDI track, sync it and modify it.

The right way of identifying it would be to check the ESS/MSS business packages in