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MSS BW Reporting [Beginner]

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Hello all,

I'm looking into implementing BW (3.5) Reporting on our EP (7.0)'s MSS Business Package. And I don't have any idea on how to configure the MSS to show the reports in the reporting workset.

Any guides or how-to's that you can share for this? It would really help me a lot.. (Assuming I've already successfully deployed the MSS package on our EP)

Thanks in Advance.


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Hello Jan,

Please following the steps for BI MSS Reports Workset.

Go to SA38


Workset: Reports

Technical name:


This workset contains a collection of reports that are relevant for a manager.


The Reports workset contains the Report page with the following iViews:

Launchpad (

This iView is part of the Business Package for Common Partsand is called using Delta Links. In the delta link, the following application parameters are defined:

○ role=MSS

○ instance=REP

○ display_external=X

Balanced Scorecard Elements (

Reports in the Launchpad

BI content includes Web templates that are used to display reports in the Launchpad. To add the Web templates to the

Launchpad as example entries, execute the program FPB_LP_WRITE_ENTRIES with the MSS role and the REPinstance.

Irrespective of the logon language, the program adds example entries with descriptive texts in English. The example entries provide you with an indication of how you can use the Launchpad. In Customizing for the Launchpad, you can tailor the example entries to suit your requirements.

Some of the Web templates are also available as iViews in other locations within MSS:

Cost Centers u2013 Cost Pools under Budget

Budget Consumption: Overview under Planning

● Headcount under Team

● Headcount FTE under Team

For information about a manager's personnel area, you can also integrate Manager's Desktop reports in the Launchpad. For more information, see HCM Reports.

Please find the list of BI reports used in Portal for MSS

1. Quarterly Results by Profit Center

This report shows the costs and revenues, together with theprofitability, for each quarter on your profit centers accordingto period accounting.

2. Results by Profit Center and Manager

This report shows the revenues, costs and profitability for eachprofit center together with the name of the responsible manager.

3. Cost Centers: Cost Blocks Graphic

This report shows the actual and forecast values for the main cost blocks on your cost centers in graphical form.

4. Cost Centers: Cost Blocks

This report shows the costs, commitments and forecast for eachcost center together with the name of the responsible manager.

5. Cost Centers: Operating Expenses

This report shows the planned and actual expenses for your costcenters by period and year.

6. Cost Centers: Planning Data

This report shows the data planned for your cost centers by costelement, statistical key figure and activity type.

7.Orders: Operating Expenses

This report shows the planned and actual expenses for yourinternal orders by period and year, together with the associatedbudget.


This report shows the internal orders used to represent theprojects together with the planned costs, actual costs andcommitments for the project.


These reports shows the headcount for the organizational unitsyou are responsible for and by time periods you select. Thefollowing information is given: Headcount in full numbers,headcount expressed in FTE, the employee entries and leavings.

10. Illness/Overtime

This report shows overtime and illness time and cost infomationfor organizational units you are responsible for and by timeperiods you select.

11. Employee Availability

This report shows the availability of employees in a particularrole together with their assignments, working time and pay ratesby organization and service area.

12.Employee Utilization

This report shows the absences (availability) and assignments ofemployees in a particular role by organization and service areaon a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

13. Qualifications

This report shows the assignments, demands and the resourcesqualifications required by an assignment.

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This is great, Vijai. A big help. Thank you very much.

Points given.