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MS Exchange Transport Configuration

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I just tried to configure the DAVXchg to use the Calendar. Now, there is the following problem: The URL to the calendar is


If I use this URL in a Browser, I'm loged on by Kerberos ticket ans can see the calendar. ao, this should work with the transport, but I get "user not authorized". This is, because authorisation to the exchange server is by User.ID, not User.Email. When I use the User.ID in Usermapping, I get:


In this case, the user is authorized, but I get a "" because this URL doesn't work. If I use SSO instead of BASIC authentication, I also end up with http://xchsrv0/exchange/<User.ID>/Kalender/. So, is there any possibility to authorize the user with his User.ID and set the User.Email for the transport URL?

Additionally, I wanted to use this Transport to access the calendars on Exchange Server by WebDynpro Java. If anybody knows for sure, that this can't work, or if anybody knows, how this could work, i'd be glad to read an answer.

System is EP6 SPS19

Thank you for any help,

Best regards,


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first part some kind of (not very nice) solved.

When I use /../<User.Email>/Kalender/ as Virtual directory, the URL is


So it is possible to lodon by ID and use the Email to get to the correct virtual directory. The problem is: I can't use the template <> in the Virtual Directory property of the DAVXchg Transport.

Is there any possibility to put there the users email address?

best regards,