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Moving SAC Story Filters around

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Hi there.

We use BW Live Queries and have a multitude of Dimensions available for Slicing. In SAC, we have some stories with over 10-15 Story Filters on them. Is there a way to re-order Story Filters around on a Story in a smart way?

Currently our options are deleting the First Story Filter and adding it again which then moves it to the end.

So if we have a new Story Filter we want to add and make it the first option, we have to delete and re-add every other Story Filter in a particular order to get it right which is time consuming. Just wondering if there is a smarter way of doing it?


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Hello again,

There has been a satisfying answer for the last couple of months, so I thought I'd put it here for people searching: 

Story settings > View Time Settings > Filter Panel


Then: Filter Order = Custom order. There you can rearrange with drag & drop and buttons.