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Moving From JAVA to MDM - Looking for Guidence

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I am from JAVA having 2 years of Java & J2EE experiance as sun certified - with SCJP 1.4 , SCWCD 1.4.

And also I have worked on MDM Java APIs and I got exposure to MDM Console (SP5 ) part .

I am planning to Move to SAP MDM compleately.

will it be right decision ?

Could anybody help me by giving the right suggestion ?

Thanks for in advance.

RajaSekhar K

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Raj

If u really Intrested Go a Head .

Please go through this links u will get more information wt ever u need .

1. [original link is broken] for mdm screen shots

2. For XI knowledge, u can go through the following blogs and implement scenarios.




3. MDM Web Services General Concept of Web Services 

4.  How do you configure the connection to MDM from ABAP?

5.  Connectivity - ABAP API

6. /people/harrison.holland5/blog/2006/12/20/xi-configuration-for-mdm-integration--sample-scenario : XI Configuration for MDM Integration.

/people/harrison.holland5/blog/2007/01/22/testing-and-monitoring-an-interface-between-mdm-xi : Testing and Monitoring an Interface between MDM and XI

7. MDM -> XI -> R/3 -> XI -> MDM, or

XI -> (BPM) -> R/3 and MDM, or

MDM -> XI -> R/3 -> ABAP API, etc.

8. The guide can be found here:

[original link is broken]  Getting start with MDM SDN Notes



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Am also a java expert.Now am working with Sap MDM,and want to learn MDM Java API.

Can anyone help me how to start this.



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Hi Shekhar,

Its right decision to move on from Java platform to SAP MDM,

but in opinion you should have basic knowledge of ABAP Programming, Tables, Data Types means ABAP APIs.

Also in addition to MDM, if you learn SAP XI side by side or EP, it will be an added advantage.

Below mentioned link is for latest version of MDM. Plaese work on that.


Rewards if found helpful.


Alok Sharma

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Hi Sarma,

thanks for your good suggestion.

one thing i want to understand from your message, learning ABAP is manditory to move into MDM ?

do the ABAP is really required for MDM ?

do the EP & XI are really required ?

Does MDM not suitable for only JAVA Guys ?

Is MDM would be easiest when compare to JAVA/J2EE ?

thanks in adavance Sarma..


Rajasekhar K

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Hi Raj,

Please Go ahead MDM future is bright.

1. Do the ABAP is really required for MDM ?

Ans: No, but its good to have basic.

2. Do the EP & XI are really required ?

Ans: In real time scenarios MDM always consolidate data from external systems, so we either integrate using SAP XI or we store data using enterprise Portal or use MDM generic extractors or abap apis.

In my opinion you must have a basic knowledge of XI scenarios, its not dificult.

But its not manadatory, you can take help from different competencies.

3. Does MDM not suitable for only JAVA Guys ?

Ans: Its pretty much suitable. You can go ahead. Nothing is impossible man.

4. Is MDM would be easiest when compare to JAVA/J2EE ?

Ans: Yes at its own it is simple.

Please look forward you alraedy have enough knowledge of JAVA.



Edited by: Alok Sharma on Jan 31, 2008 9:20 AM

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hi raja,

It is the right decision to moving to MDM.

MDM is emerging in 2008, it is having good future.

to learn& know more about MDM follow the links:

SAP Netweaver MDM Overview


SAP Netweaver MDM Overview

SAP NETWEAVER MDM Leverage MDM in ERP Environments - An Evolutionary Approach -

Master Data Management architecture patterns

MDM and Enterprise SOA

Effective Hierarchy Management Using SAP NetWeaver MDM for Retail

MDM World

MDM: Master Data for Global business

MDM Master Data Management Hub Architecture

Improve Efficiency and Data Governance with SAP NetWeaver MDM

Data Modeling i MDM

SRM-MDM Catalog

hope this may help you,