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move some urgent changes to Test

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HI! I Cant move some urgent changes to Test via Solution manager. Appears this warning message after change status of urgent change to "To Be Tested" (No import into test system has taken place yet).

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Answers (4)

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Hi Muldagaliev

You should check the logging in your task list monitor (transaction SCMA in SolMan 7.1 or via CRM UI or Administration Cockpit in 7.2) to check why the import of the request did not take place.

The task of the transport request should have been released by the developer in SE01.

The customizing "make settings for change transaction types" in SPRO defines which actions takes place when changing to a specific status:

You can see here that E0004 - 10 does a release of the request and E0004 - 20 does the import of the test.

So like I said, check that the task is released, check if the import was triggered (this can fail due to missing authorization when RFC call is done to managed SAP system). If it failed due to this reason, it should be visible in the monitoring in the task list.

Best regards


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Hi ,

Means Transport is not imported in Test\QAS system.

please check the application logs.

  • issue may be due to object lock system not able to release the transport. (or)
  • Check the stms_import, whether transport release and import in the system.



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This message is due the transport is not import in test\QAS system may be due to below issue,

Transport not release due to object lock issue
Transport released but not imported due to object version difference

or some other issues. please check the application log.

Normally in urgent change(*MHF), once the status changed from "In Development" to " To be Tested" -> in back end the transport get released and start import on next system.upto transport import in Test\QAS system the ChaRM wont allow to set the status to "To be Tested".Also some time this issue happen due to time out due to large object release and take take ti import in next system. in that case just recheck -> save and set the status again. it will work



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When i triggered import of transport to test (change status of urgent change from "in development" to "To be tested" ), status of urgent change set to "To be tested" but transport didnt move to test.

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hi Muldagaliev,

Please have a look on below blog;