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Move existing SCs to a new product

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Hello all,

We have 3 Software Components that each belongs to a different product.

We've created a new product and want to move all 3 SCs to this new product.

Even though I know it should be possible I can't figure out how to do it.

Can anyone provide with instructions for that?

Thanks, Adi.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Adi,

After creating product, when you add sc's there from the list you can select which SC' s you want to add.



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Thanks Mutyalanna Roddam and malyala praveen,

When I create a new product version I can choose the product and the unit from dropdowns but for SC name I don't get any choices.

It seems to me like I must create a new SC every time I create a new product.

My SLD version is 7.0011....

Thanks, Adi

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1. Go to the SLD and select Content Maintenance.

2. Select Subset 'Associations'

3. Select Class 'Product Software Features'

4. Click the Component (2nd column) to view the Product Software Feature.

5. Click the '... Associated Instances' link next to the Save, Copy, Move and Remove buttons

6. You now see the list of connected Software Components. Add new ones at the top.

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Thanks a lot Pascal for your help.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi ,

Go to http://<server>:<port>/sld and choose software catalog.

Choose New Product.

Give product name,vendor,version,

Select particular product,

and select Software component in Check box,and selectc useDefendences

Ex:product = MyTechnology

vendor =


version = 1.0

Define Build Time dependencies to SAP_BUILDT 6.40, SAP_JTECHS 6.40 and SAP-JEE 6.40(3 different SCs).