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move dc from old track to new track with different Track and vendor names

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we have a requirement where we need to move the 20 DC's  from a Track A with 7.1 components to a Track B with 7.4 components. Both the tracks are in the same SLD which is on 7.1. I have searched the SCN but could not find the thread, wiki which can help me.We tried to use DC Tool but no luck my server crashes after some time.Both the tracks had  different Software Components , track name and vendor name. We don't want to change the actual DC name.

Please suggest a solution.


Ravi Sunkara

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Answers (2)

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Dear Ravi,

you can export the whole software component into an SCA file on the assembly tab of the 7.11 track and you can import it into the new 7.40 track.

There is also a possibility to copy a DC in NWDS from one track to another. If you need to move not an entire SC, you can use this approach.

In both cases adjustment of your implementation might be necessary to achive a successful build in the new track.

Depending on the type of the DC migration might be also needed. There is a migration mechanism for WebDynpro DCs in NWDS for example. Other DC types might have their own migration mechanism.

Best Regards,


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Hi Zsolt,

I tried the option one of exporting as SCA file and import it to the new track. But since we have different track name and sc name,it dosen't recognize it.

We tried the second option of  copy the DC in the NWDS to a new track and change the sc name and vendor name using DC Command tool. Unfortunately while reading all the standard defined dependencies the server  gets into issues and  terminates the process,may be due to the resources issue on the server. Even the CMS gets restarted..

Please let us know if any other we can achieve it.


Ravi Sunkara

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You have so many things to do...

7.1 to 7.4

Different track names
Different SCAs

Different Vendor names

I don't think any backup or upgrade tool is going to help you. Some differences will always be there.

Safest option is to export the DCs one by one to file system and import them with new names(you can keep the same DC name) in the new track.

As there are only 20 DCs as you mentioned, I don't think it will take much time. But please keep in mind you will have to take care of the dependencies and other such clashes during any such operation, whether automated or manual.

Experts, please correct me if i am wrong.