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More Pages in Business Objects

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Hi All,

I've created a crystal report which when run and exported as a PDF produces a 2 page report which is exactly what I want. When I publish the same report into Business Objects and then try to run it from there I keep getting 3 pages.

Things I've tried so far (which haven't worked): Installed the same printer that's on my local machine onto the BO Server. Checked the 'No Printer' option in the page setup on the report.

Why is it coming up as 3 pages when CR is giving me it as 2. Is there any way I can get this back down to 2 pages

Many thanks for any help


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Does the server where BO is installed have a connection to the printer that's used in the report? Crystal's report rendering engine if heavily dependent on the default printer (or any other selected printer) when the report is designed. If that printer is not available on the BO server, it will use the server's default printer, which may have different minimum margins and other settings that would cause the report to run to 3 pages.

One thing you might try would be to configure the report for "No Printer" in the design and then re-publish it to BO to see whether that makes a difference. If it doesn't, make sure that the printer used when designing the report has been installed on the server.