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More details on ASE CR 794512

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I was wondering if we could get a little more background on the following ASE CR?

794512 - The manifest file created by UNMOUNT DATABASE, QUIESCE DATABASE or CREATE MANIFEST FILE is closed without flushing the file system buffers. This flush is required if some low level utilities are used to clone the disk content.

I see that it was fixed in ASE 16 SP02 PL05. Has this issue existed for a long time or was it introduced in a recent release of ASE?

Is there a specific condition where this issue occurs? Or does it always occur when these commands create the manifest file?

Our product uses the manifest file extensively and just want to understand how we might be impacted.



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Hi Neal,

It looks like the issue has always existed. Although "potential issue" may be a better way of saying it, the CR was opened based on a general inquiry rather than a customer incident reporting an actual encountered problem.

ASE was opening the manifest file without using the O_DIRECT flag, so when we were done writing to the file and closed it, the changes weren't necessarily immediately flushed to disk and could still be cached. If the manifest file and devices were then copied without synching the file system, the copy of the manifest file might not be complete. Again, no reports of that actually being seen are associated with the CR.