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Monthly CASS updates

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I'm no longer receiving a notification by email when the monthly CASS directories are available for download for FirstLogic. What do I have to do to be notified?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please make sure to post any "classic Firstlogic software" questions under the Business Objects Enterprise Information Management (EIM) forum and you will get a much faster response. Also you can log a case for support by going to the Help and Support tab on the SAP website, then click on Report A Product Error to log a case for support. Just make sure to choose BOJ-EIM-COM or BOJ-EIM-COR - depending on the product, for the component when logging a case.

Notifications are sent out right now two ways.

1 - from the Business Objects ESD site - only the main ship to contact receives the email notification when the directories are posted to the users account.

2 - manually from support. We send notifications to make sure we can reach as many users during the migration of the downloads from Business Objects ESD to the SAP website.

Because we are in the middle of the migration process with the downloads, the old system (Business Objects ESD) is not updated with renewals and new orders. This is why we manually are sending out notifications as well. The list we have should be pretty complete however, we have found some users that are not on the list. So if you don't receive notification of the directories please log a case to let support know and we can add you. David - I did check to see if you were on the list to receive the manual notification from support, and you are.

If you are wondering about the directory notification specifically for November, it has not gone out yet. We cannot send it until we get the ok from our fulfillment and product managers. Most users should be able to get the Nov directory updates on the SAP website now as well as some product updates. Again, these notifications will be sent very soon - just waiting for approval.

Once the migration of downloads is complete the SAP system will send the notifications. I don't yet have a specific date or timeframe as to when that will happen. Hopefully very soon! 🐵



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