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Hello Monitor Experts,

we have configurated the monitoring of our systems with the solution manager (RZ20). Now we want monitor the systems with some transactions (SM50, DB13...). This means, we want jump out of RZ20 to the transactions. We have created a new method (Z_DB13) with transaction execution of DB13 and released as analysis method. We have created a new MTE class (called also Z_DB13) and assigned the Method to this class. We have created a new monitor set with the rule CCMS_GET_MTE_BY_CLASS and assigned the new MTEClass, but we got always the following message: "MTE class Z_DB13 : No MTEs currently available"

Any ideas, what is missing??

I looked half of the day for a solution, but could not find it.

Thanks in advance

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Answers (2)

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I think problem in your case is that the MTE class and the methods you have created in solution manager are not available in the remote system.

So you will have to bring this MTE class and method in the remote system

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Hello Detlef

The transaction RZ21 displays the information which is stored in the database and your new monitor templates directly will

access the monitor segments of the local system (in memory) and try to find the related MTE-classes. If these MTE-classes are not existing in the monitor segments of the local system, you will see the message No MTEs currently available

In general this does mean that the data collector supplier for this monitoring functionality are not correctly activated or it's different configured or perhaps it does not exist on the local system.

Always first check on the local system by using the transaction "RZ20> SAP CCMS Technical Expert Monitors>System / All Monitoring Segments / All Monitoring Contexts" if you can find the related monitoring structures and MTE-classes in the monitor segments of the local system.

If you can't find the related monitor structures, please check if the configuration for the related monitoring functionality is the same and if the data collector suppliers are correctly activated.

Best regards,

Guilherme Balbinot