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How do we use monitoring?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Aravind,

Monitorng is a tool which helps you to monitor the xi Runtime objects.

These links will help you

<b>How To…Monitor Exchange Infrastructure 3.0</b>

go through this forum also


Ramesh P

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Answers (4)

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Hi Aravind,

monitoring is one of the important part of our integration.

we can do monitoring by two methods

1) runtime work bench in java stack.(u can view this by transaction code SXMB_IFR) . here you can have more options to monitor . there message monitoring , adaptor monitoring , end to end monitoring , component monitoring will be there . according to your requirement you have to go ffor relevent monitoring options .

2) we can have another method to monitor .it is monitor in abap stack . we can monitor this in transaction code SXMB_MONI (for normal scenarios) .for BPM scenarios we have to go to SXMB_MONI_BPE. to directly monitor all the processed XML messages you can go through SXI_MONITOR.

To know how to monitor messages in Xi server go thr' the PDF below

see how to monitor integration process(BPM) in XI ...go tro' PDF below

see How to Monitor and Analyze Errors in the Adapter Engine go thr' PDF below.



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Runtime workbench is the central tool for XI monitoring.

<b>Component monitoring:</b>

To get an overview of the status of the individual components of SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI)

To check the status of your communication channels or the adapters configured in them

To test whether cache connectivity is functioning correctly

<b>Message monitoring:</b>

You use message monitoring in the following cases:

&#9679; To track the status of messages

&#9679; To find errors that have occurred and establish what caused them

<b>End to End monitoring:</b>

You use end-to-end monitoring in the following cases:

&#9679; If you want to monitor message processing steps in a number of SAP components (to be configured).

&#9679; If you want to monitor the path of individual messages through these SAP components, from start to end.

From one end to other end through integration engine.tats is complete monitoring.

<b>Performance monitoring:</b>

You use performance monitoring to display statistical data on the performance of message processing. The data comes from the Integration Server (IS) or the Process Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI).

How many msg hav been passed so far and their status.

<b>Cache monitoring:</b>

Cache monitoring displays objects that are currently in the runtime cache of either of the following receivers (cache instances) of cache data:

Integration Server (Java)

Integration Server (ABAP)

Adapter Engine (central or non-central)

<a href=""></a>



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Refer to -- Monitoring in XI 3.0



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